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Lease Renewal

Generally speaking companies experience less advantageous terms renewing their existing lease than when they located to the building originally. Most landlords believe that a renewing tenant should pay a premium for the convenience of not having to relocate.


Office Relocation / Design Build

For many firms change can be daunting. Relocating however, should be viewed as a corporate opportunity. In addition to “right fitting” the corporate space, relocating has many other benefits including improving the corporate image and improving client’s perceptions.


Space Consolidation & Disposition

The environment in which corporations operate is continually evolving. The problem is that most leases are static, provide little flexibility, do not reflect your business’s shifting needs and are generally executed for terms of 5 or 10 years.


Lease Recasting

A lease expiry date is not the only point at which corporations can or should look at renegotiating their lease. Lease Recasting (more popularly referred to as a Blend & Extend) is a process by which corporations choose to renegotiate their lease mid- term.