Lease Recasting

A lease expiry date is not the only point at which corporations can or should look at renegotiating their lease. Lease Recasting (more popularly referred to as a Blend & Extend) is a process by which corporations choose to renegotiate their lease mid- term.

This process allows corporations to expand or contract their space mid-term, capitalize on existing market conditions to lower occupancy costs or expand or contract their lease term depending on the business case.

A rapidly changing business environment demands lease flexibility.

M.J. Connell Real Estate ensures our clients are not held hostage by a remaining lease term by:

  • Reviewing the terms of the current lease and use of the current space to establish a baseline
  • Conducting a thorough analysis of your needs both today and in the future
  • Understanding the dynamics affecting the landlord’s negotiating position
  • Implementing a real estate solution that makes sense and at market rates


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