Space Consolidation & Disposition

The environment in which corporations operate is continually evolving. The problem is that most leases are static, provide little flexibility, do not reflect your business’s shifting needs and are generally executed for terms of 5 or 10 years.

We know that too much space acts as an anchor on your bottom line, while too little space strangles productivity.

We address this balancing act in the way in which we negotiate your lease and all other agreements governing your real estate. We incorporate the utmost market flexibility into your real estate documentation as a starting point. We prepare elastic documentation that provides for expansion and contraction rights, defining the process for long term space disposition and predetermined renewal scenarios. This allows our clients the comfort in knowing they have the flexibility to adapt to market challenges as they arise.

If a mid-term solution is necessary however, M.J Connell Real Estate guides our clients through:

  • Sublease / disposition recovery process
  • Consolidation benefit analysis
  • Expansion negotiations with existing landlord


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